Need Help?

Some of these skills are hard to learn.  Since I created this page, multiple people have reached out for additional help – usually with understanding more about how web design works, getting better at WordPress or wanting help with their specific websites.  

Listen, I get that it’s hard.  So, not trying to make a sales pitch but here are a couple options if you need more help:

Option #1: Personalized Web Design Consulting

Need help customizing your website?  Hit me up and we can work one on one to get things done. 

I can also help you with your client’s website so it’ll look amazing and make them want to pay you every month to keep their site up and running.

Option #2: I'll start your website for you - $200

TO BE VERY CLEAR: I won’t build you out a super fancy website for $200.  What I will do is set everything up for you, install all your plug-ins, install your theme and set up your initial template for a 3 page website (Homepage, Services Page and Contact Page).  

30-minute ‘How To Customize Your Site’ video included.

The goal of this website is to EMPOWER YOU to learn web design so you can increase your income.  This package is some jet fuel to get you started.  

Contact me: