Essential Tools

This page is all about the tools you can use to build websites faster and also generate more revenue per client by offering additional services (even if you aren’t an expert yet).

(NOTE: It’s safe to assume that any links or banners on this page are affiliate links.  They don’t cost you any more to use but they do help me out by providing some support for the new content I’m creating and for maintaining this website.  So thanks a million if you click through to them.  They’re exactly what I would recommend to you anyway if we were hanging out talking.)

SEO Tools and Outsourcing

SEO is one of the most valuable and lucrative services you can add on to an existing client package.  If fact, 2 of the clients I signed on in the last month CALLED ME to get help with their SEO.  That’s because companies want this service so badly and generally have no idea how to do it themselves.

Essential SEO Tool #1: The HOTH

Link for The HOTH

The HOTH has made a big splash in the SEO Reseller community by providing clearly priced SEO services that are reasonably priced and easy to understand.  They are something referred to as a ‘White Label’ agency – meaning that they do the work for your agency but don’t put their own branding on it.  That means you can resell their services to your client as if they were your own.

Personally, I highly recommend you be transparent with clients and let them know when you’re using outside help.  I just say, ‘I have an SEO team that we’ll work with to complete your project,’ and no one ever has had an issue with that.

Here are links to a couple of their services:  

Essential SEO Tool #2: Partnering with a Legit SEO Agency (My Secret Weapon)

This is what changed my business for ever.  It was when I found a white label SEO partner I could completely trust.

It’s one thing to use a “Service” like The HOTH.  It’s a completely different experience to have a “Partner” who you can trust and turn to with all your SEO questions and issues in addition to having the provide White-Label services you can depend on.  

Any time I need more than just a service provider (like The HOTH), I go to my trusted SEO Partner.   We work out strategies together and they provide a level of guidance you only get from a trusted consulting partner.

You can find your own partnership of I can connect you with mine.  This is serious though, so I don’t just post their information online.  If you want it, I’ll connect you, but you need to request that directly from me.  Otherwise, you can do your own research on the best white label companies out there and find one that fits your style.  

Request Form if you want an introduction to my SEO consulting partner:

AppSumo: Amazing Tools You Can Resell to Clients for a Profit

My go to for finding amazing software deals, no question, is AppSumo.  Check them out here:

AppSumo Link

AppSumo Link
Amazing Lifetime Deals on AppSumo

AppSumo partners with the hottest software companies and gets you amazing Lifetime Deals on their products.  I’ve bought MANY deals from them – often paying less than $50 for lifetime access to an amazing software program that would normally cost me $50 A MONTH to get access to.  

Not only can you find software that makes your life way easier, YOU CAN ALSO RESELL THESE DEALS TO CLIENTS and make an easy profit.

I love AppSumo so much, I can hardly find the words.  My only complaint is that I usually can’t hold myself back from buying deals and have developed a mini-addiction to using them 🙂 

Other Tools I Use Every Day and Consider Essential:

For Website Security:

Malcare: Malcare is an incredible security plugin for WordPress that goes above and beyond what you get from standard, free plugins like iThemes (those I also use iThemes on every website – in addition to Malcare).  

You can also get your clients to buy Malcare through your own affiliate link and make a few extra dollars.

Elementor Pro: You already know the story here.  Elementor is the best page builder out there and it is what made my web design business possible.  The Pro version will open doors for you that you didn’t even know existed.

G-Suite: What!?  You’re using a generic email address for your business? Shame on you.  Start using G-Suite and get a real email account with your business’ web domain instead of ‘’ or something else generic.  Lots of very cool collaboration tools are included and it’s only $6/month for the basic platform – which is what I use.

SEO Press: Forget Yoast.  SEO Press stole my heart and it’s the only SEO tool I use now.  There’s a free version that is fantastic.  If you want to go PRO, you’ll get a lot of premium features and they let you use the plugin on unlimited WordPress sites.  I picked up a lifetime subscription last year and don’t plan on ever turning back.

Bookafy: This company has created an amazing online Booking platform.  Couldn’t be easier to use and it allows you to have a much more beautiful and robust booking experience for your customers than the freebies like Calendly.  I think they still give a 30 day free trial.