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Make a custom WordPress website in about 2 hours, even without prior experience.

For real, this is not a lead up to selling a course – or anything else for that matter.
I made this page because I see people in my SMMA and Digital Marketing groups posting every single day with questions about how to build a website and – since I love building websites – I decided to make a complete tutorial for everyone.

IT’S FREE.  There’s no course.  Watch the videos then go make money. If you want to support the website, just buy the website hosting I recommend through one of my links (it’s the same hosting I use personally).

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Intro and How to Use This Page:

This page contains everything you need to start learning website design. 

You can make thousands of dollars designing websites for yourself and clients.  Take your time, follow the steps and you’re going to develop a major skill that most people are way too lazy to ever learn – which is why you’ll make the $$ and generate recurring monthly income while they struggle.

This page contains everything you need to start learning website design. 

You can make thousands of dollars designing websites for yourself and clients.  Take your time, follow the steps and you’re going to develop a major skill that most people are way too lazy to ever learn – which is why you’ll make the $$ and generate recurring monthly income while they struggle.

Your Essential Lessons

Which Platform to Use - Wix, Squarespace, WordPress or Clickfunnels?

This is one of the most common questions I see come up in the SMMA groups.  In this video I break down what each platform is good for, when you should use them and my very strong personal recommendation.

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WIX: Use for low-budget sites – especially one off projects where you don’t plan on having an ongoing relationship with the client.

Squarespace: Similar use to Wix but even less customizable. However, the templates and fonts are very sleek and professional.

Clickfunnels: Clickfunnels is very popular for a good reason.  You can build incredibly simple and effective sales funnels for yourself and your clients.  Use for creating opt-in pages and landing pages for your Facebook Ads.  It sucks for creating larger authority websites with custom functions, features and extensive content but that’s not what it was built for.  

WordPress: MY TOP RECOMMENDATION. I highly recommend you learn how to build custom WordPress websites. You can learn the basic skills in a few hours and the possibilities are nearly endless. And most importantly, with WordPress you OWN your website. With every other platform in this video, you’re just renting your website and it disappears as soon as you stop paying their fees.

The following videos will show you exactly how to set up your first WordPress website from scratch (takes less than an hour).

Step 1: Get Your Domain and Hosting

The first step in creating your custom WordPress website is choosing a domain (~$10) and getting hosting (~$4/month).  In this video I walk you through these two steps.  NOTE: WordPress itself is free to use.

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Get your Domain: I recommend getting all your domains through Namecheap – even if your hosting company offers you a free domain.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Get hosting: For the beginning web designer that can’t afford premium hosting, I used to endorse inMotion hosting.  They’re still good but I’m building all my new websites using A2 Hosting’s Swift Plan (it’s cheap, fast and the tech support is awesome). Set up is the same cPanel interface as I use in the video:


Inmotion hosting and Siteground are still very good as well:



In the next video I’ll show you how to install wordpress on your hosting account and CREATE YOUR FIRST WEBSITE.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

Once you have your domain and hosting purchased, the next step is to install WordPress.  This video will show you the entire process step by step.

Links for this video:

Astra Pro: If you want the Premium version of Astra with extra editing capabilities, get it here.  Buying Astra Pro gets you access to a lot of extra website templates you can use to create instant websites for clients.

In the next video I’ll show you how to make basic edits to your website using Elementor.

Step 3: Basic editing in WordPress (This is what they actually pay you for)

This video goes over how to make some basic edits in WordPress using Elementor.  This is the beginning of being able to customize sites – which is what companies will pay you big $ for.  To really learn this, you will have to put in at least a few hours but this video gets you the basics.

Links for this video:

Get Elementor Pro: This will save you DOZENS of hours of banging your head against the wall.  If you want to build websites quickly and without having to download 20 plugins for every page, this tool is amazing.  Seriously.  And they have trainings on how to do basically everything.  Well worth the $ (less than $50).

In the next video I talk about pricing your websites, upselling clients on other services (like SMMA and SEO) and getting regular monthly income for very basic and easy website maintenance.  

Step 4: How to Price Your Websites, Upsell Clients and Get Monthly Retainers

In this video I go over how to price your website and use it as a starting point to get clients.  Once you have their website, it’s easy to branch out and sign them up for social media management, SEO, Facebook Ads and any other services you want to stack on.  Plus, THEY’LL PAY YOU FOR MONTHLY MAINTENANCE PLANS – which is a really easy way to stack on an extra $200/month per client of pure profit.

Links for this video:

Ultimate Addons Elementor: I mentioned this in the video.  Let’s you create pop-up boxes (you need these for opt-in forms) and about 24 other fancy customizations.  Makes you look like you’re way better at website design than you actually are.  Get it here:

One more for you all!  Check out the bonus video below.  Pretty soon I plan on also adding a page for how to set up your business entity and a few other topics people are always asking about.

Bonus Video: Extended tutorial on customizing your WordPress website

This video covers making more substantial updates and customizations in WordPress using Elementor.  It’s a trip and takes a bit of work but you’re going to be really glad you watched it.

Links for this video:

Elementor Pro: I’m a broken record.  Get this plug-in and your life is going to get a lot easier.

So that’s it for this basic website design tutorial.  By now you have learned more about website design than virtually any business owner you will ever meet.  Congratulations!  Now go out and make some $$.

If you need any additional help or have questions, message me anytime on Facebook (Joseph Shields).  Glad to have something to giveback to the community.

(There are a lot of links in this tutorial page and several of them are affiliate links – some of which get you access to better deals on the services mentioned (like hosting).  If you are opposed to using affiliate links then, by all means, you can type the same companies into a search engine and find them that way.)